About Our Patron Saints

Mar Baselios

Mar Baselios was born in Kapodokia in AD330 and was belonged to a very rich Christian family. His father was fathers
Baselios and his mother was Amelia. His primary education was held in Caesarea in Greece. He continued his education in Constantinople and Athenia. In AD356 he completed his education and started his carrier as a teacher.
Meanwhile he visited some monasteries in Egypt, Syria and Palestine and decided to lead a monastery life. He sold his family properties and distributed it among poor people. He started a monastery on the bank of the river Iris. He was a famous theologist and fought against the teaching of Arius. His thesis about “The Holy Spirit” is famous.  He became the Metropolitan of Caesarea and Pantos after the death of Eusebius .He was a good administrator and a good social worker in his diocese. He died on AD 1-1-379.

Mar Gregorios

Mar Gregorios was born in AD330 in Kapodokia. His father was Gregorios the Metropolitan of Nasians and mother was Nona. His education was held in Caesarea, Alexandria and Athens. After his education he joined in the monastery of Mar Baselios. Later according to the instructions of his father he became a Kesisa. He was the successor of his father Gregorios, the Metropolitan of Nasians. After the death of Mar Baselios he became the Patriarch of Constantinople. He was the president of universal Synad held in AD381 in Constantinople. He was a strong fighter against the teaching of Arius. He entered his eternal life in AD 389.