The Book of Love

I have a list of folks I know,
All written in a book
And every now and then I go
And take a look;
Then I realised that
These names are a part
Not of any book but,
of my heart – The Book of Love!
For each name, stands someone
Who has crossed my path sometime,
And became the reason and rhyme.
I, really, am composed of each name!
Although, you are not, really, aware
Of any special link,
But, just knowing you have shaped my life
More than you could think!
May be, I’am someone whom
You have seen during your journey
And you may have erased
My name from your heart;
But you, dear, are my part,
Who made me, what I am
And whom I would
Prefer not to forget;
As it is quite unfair to keep
My book of love closed!


Rittu Merin Raju